Puppy Training

Puppy Training Classes have resumed !!!
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Our Puppy Training Services to Help you

– Also …. Pre-Puppy visits available BEFORE you bring puppy home.
– And …. Home Visits to help get puppy settled into good habits
– NEW ! Puppy Helpline

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We are puppy experts and have trained 1000’s of puppies over the years. We offer two types of puppy training, the 1-2-1  Home Visit and Group Classes

Pre-Puppy Visit

Pre-Puppy visit is designed to get you off to a great start with puppy, learning what to expect over the first days, helping getting sleeping arrangements and toilet training system in place. We give advice about how to get puppy home and settled in to it’s new home.

Home Visit

Our Home Visit is based on 30 years of experience delivering this personalised training, it is really useful to get you and the family off to a great start with your puppy .(Click here for more details) We give advice and practical hands on training for all puppy related problems for example: TOILET TRAINING, HAND MOUTHING and JUMPING UP, CAGE TRAINING, NOISE at NIGHT, FEEDING and how to REWARD good behaviour. Also what to do about bad behaviours; STEALING, CHEWING, BARKING.

You can start teaching puppy from the 1st day it moves into your home. Puppies are like little learning sponges, soaking up information every waking second so we want to be sure they are learning the right way immediately.

Puppy Helpline

The Puppy Helpline is available to help people that cannot have a home visit or because they live too far away. We also offer this service to puppy owners who have had puppy for a few days or weeks and cannot find appropriate advice or help to solve problems. Click here for more information about the Puppy Helpline.

Group Puppy Training Classes

We also offer a 4 week general puppy training and socialisation class to help you to teach your puppy how to behave around other dogs and people (Click here for more details). The most important thing to learn is about communication between human family and your puppy. Puppy cannot understand human language so you and your family have to learn puppy language to communicate effectively.

Telling puppy off, scolding or saying “No” is unlikely to teach puppy anything useful, in fact, it is likely to be seen by puppy as a reward and lead to encouraging unwanted behaviour.

Learning how puppy thinks, communicates and by using positive reinforcement means that you can very quickly teach puppy to understand what you want and start repeating desirable behaviours while you can say “good puppy” all day instead of being negative.

Our  Home Visit service lasts about 1.5 hours to 2 hours and is the perfect way to get puppy on the right track rather than trying to fix problems that have gone wrong. Call us for and appointment -Mobile 07915643130 or 07836 747974 or Landline 0208 449 7539

Puppy training classes are the perfect way to teach puppy to socialise around other dogs and people. We teach owners how to encourage their dogs to be interested in them when there are other dogs and distractions around.

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We were recognised as  London’s top puppy trainers by the Daily Telegraph national newspaper and have have mentions in the Hampstead & Highgate  Express, Local Hampstead Garden Surburb NW11 and the East Finchley N2  newsletters.

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