Online Puppy Training Sessions

Online Puppy Training Sessions

Online Puppy Sessions are convenient and reasonably priced, because we have no travel time to add into the price. The online session is an ‘in person’ 121 puppy training session with Kevin McNicholas who has over 30 years experience providing expert puppy training, individual help, personalised advice and hand holding to get you over the first difficult weeks of owning a puppy. We started doing many WhatsApp and Zoom in person 121 online home training sessions during Covid and it proved very popular, many of our clients say that an online session is as good as a home visit. An online session can be setup quickly usually within 24 hours and costs much less than a home visit but delivers much of the value. We have helped 100s of puppy owners using ‘LIVE’ bespoke puppy training sessions Kevin has years and years of expert puppy training experience offering practical training methods, tips and advice to give you a clear path forwards in early days and weeks of bringing a puppy into your home to achieve a successful experience. Kevin’s methods are kind, and he primarily teaches positive reinforcement but unlike many other dog trainers his methods are not just about using food treats and ignoring unwanted behaviours. His training is practical and pragmatic and owners often see changes in their pets behaviour in minutes of talking to Kevin,
After the puppy arrives, many people are soon at their wits end and get confused by all the conflicting information available on-line or in books. Online sessions provide the ability for clients to speak to a puppy training expert to help them through some of the difficulties that will undoubtedly occur when a new puppy arrives in their home. We have been providing high quality puppy training, help and advice for the past 30 years in owners homes and using telephone and and video on Whatsapp provides such a service.

Call Kevin now on Whatsapp 07915643130 and he could be helping you today.

What problems can you help me with on a 60 minutes WhatsApp session?
The most common problem that people call us for help with is toilet training, closely followed by sleeping arrangements to keep you puppy quiet at night. Another problem that puppy owners often find difficult is biting or mouthing behaviours, especially when children are getting hurt by the puppy’s sharp needle teeth. Stealing and destructive chewing are not uncommon in young puppies and learning how to successfully discourage these behaviours is very important to building a good relationship with your new puppy. Attention seeking is also very common and learning how to give puppies appropriate positive attention is a must have training that every family and puppy needs. Many puppy owners use our in person WhatsApp training sessions to discuss their puppy’s behaviour with an expert to feel reassured they are doing the right thing and helping them to do puppy training better, feel confident and get it right.
We also offer online help for older dogs and some behaviour problems WhatsApp message 07915643130 to discuss any behaviour problems with an older dog.

How does it work?

Call Us on 07915643130 on Whatsapp to discuss the best way to deliver your Online Training Session