Home visits

A Home Visit consists of us travelling to your home and providing you and your family with a dog or puppy training session which usually lasts about 90 minutes of hands on training, advice and answering your questions. We believe it is very important when booking a home visit to see you and your dog in the environment where the problems are occurring. During a home visit we can answer questions on any topic related to training your dog or puppy, clients often write a list of questions. The home visit is usually more focused on you and your puppy or dog and is more relaxed than classes, the session is targeted on your particular requirements and your home environment.

Do I need a Home Visit
If you have not had a puppy or dog before or it was a long time ago a home visit is recommended, as it will bring you and your family up to speed on the best way to bring up your puppy or dog. It will give you more confidence in how you interact and train your dog or puppy.

Reasons for Home Visits to train their dog or puppy and the family

  • New puppy or older dog in the family
  • Toilet Training advice based to your environment, includes dietary advice.
  • Jumping up, boisterous and mouthing/biting behaviour
  • Destructive chewing, pulling at clothes, stealing things
  • Sleeping arrangements, sleep at night, where to sleep
  • General training, come back, walking on lead
  • Getting your dog used to being groomed, handled and touched, even played with on your terms
  • Noise is your dog keeping you and the neighbours awake or causing a nuisance

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Which areas do we cover?
We provide our puppy training home visit and dog training in many areas of London. Most of our customers live in Golders Green, Finchley, Barnet, Hampstead, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Mill Hill, Edgware, Hendon and Enfield and we offer comprehensive services to Central London clients in Mayfair, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Pimlico, Bayswater, Hyde Park, Belgravia, Soho, Regents Park, Piccadilly, Green Park and over to East End and Docklands also as far south as Wimbledon Common.