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Angela, Juno- Dec 2017- Camden

Hi Kevin, I hope you got home alright. I can’t begin to express the gratitude that Nick and I have for your help tonight. Thank you so much! What you taught us made so much sense but it was also so intuitive! We now know how to apply it and have been brainstorming what we should do in other cases that we experience with her.  Anyway, once again, thank you so much from all of us!  Angela, Nick, & Juno :

Sally H – Dec 2016 – Muswell Hill

Thank you so much, Kevin, your advice has definitely helped with the toilet training.
Have a great Christmas and a very happy 2017. Best wishes, Sally and Alan XXXX and family

Lisa Roche – April 2014 – Potters Bar

Kevin is a brilliant dog trainer and importantly he also trains the owners! Kevin came out to help us with our spaniel who barked at everything outside the house that moved. Kevin came with a fund of practical advice, backed up by common sense. He has sorted out Marley (and me!) I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Sylvia Kemp – March 2014 – Harrow

It was lovely to meet you Kevin. Definitely the best 1.5 hrs I have spent with a trainer. In the first week since seeing you, we have ditched the halti unless we see another dog.  It’s now a pleasure to walk Max, he’s happy without the halti and my back is much happier too!  Now the weather is changing for the better, we will get on with the recall training and hopefully have a second session with you to consolidate our learning.  We liked your methods so much, we recommended you to our daughter for her dog.  Thank you,  Sylvia Kemp

Michaela Kemp – March 2014 – Harrow

Kevin began work with my poodle Gus, (who thinks he’s a rottweiler) before he even walked through the front door. His teaching methods are direct and logical, and he makes it easy to see the thoughts behind his methods so once he has left, you can apply them yourself. It has only been a few days but I can see some improvement in my dogs behaviour already. Kevin tailors his methods to the dog he is working with, and approaches each case with no assumptions. As a result of this, you have realistic expectations of what your dog can achieve. We are going to continue with the homework Kevin has left us and hopefully will keep progressing. I intend to have a second lesson with Kevin in the future to keep building on the skills Gus (and i!) have learnt. Thank you very much for your time and patience Kevin! Mic Kemp