Dog Behaviour Consultation – What problems can we help

Dog behaviour problem is our business, we have been helping owners over the past 30 years. We have a wealth of experience of every type of dog and every type of Dog Behaviour Problem from Toilet Training to Aggression. We are amongst the most experienced dog behaviourists in the UK and are visiting behaviour and training consultants to the Mayhew Animal Home in London.

The list of problems we have been asked to help is almost endless but the most common dog behaviour problems are;

Attention seeking and manipulative behaviours.
Noise Problems, barking.
Play biting owners.
House Fouling or Dogs eating faeces.
Destructive Behaviour, stealing & chewing things.
Aggression targeted at people or other dogs.
Recall Problems – Dogs that run away and will not come back.
Anxiety – dog that cannot be left alone.
Nervousness and Stereotypic Behaviours.
Hyperactivity / Excitable Behaviour.

Do I need a Behaviour Consultation or will Dog Training classes help me more?

If you have a dog behaviour and problem dogs and are planning to attend one of our classes or you are in doubt about the suitability of your dog at classes. Contact us to discuss what will be best for your dog. Dog Training Classes provide  a general set of exercises to suit all dogs and puppies. At classes we do touch on some Dog Behaviour issues, for example, attention seeking, positive and negative reinforcement. We also try to help noisy dogs be quiet and excitable dogs to calm down.

Are Classes always the Best Place to Train

Dog Training Classes can not always go into depth concerning your dogs individual behaviour or address behavioural issues in the environment where the problems are occurring.  At Dog Training Classes you will learn a great deal about your dog’s behaviour. But if your dog has a particular problem behaviour you should discuss it with us and we can advise the best course of action for dog behaviour problem dogs

To book a Behaviour Consultation or a Special Dog Training Visit at your home

If you would like more information about booking a Consultation for Dog behaviour problem dogs contact Kevin McNicholas on our office telephone number 02084497539 or mobile 07915643130. Send us an email using the Contact Form on this website. We accept cheques, cash, bank transfer and the following debit / credit cards for deposits and for a full payment.

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